Starters sets

MeltCompany offers a basic range of 36 carefully selected Eco Soy Waxmelts in a variety of shapes, each with its own unique scent. These products are handmade and extensively tested to ensure they offer the right aromatic experience. To make the choice even easier for you, we have divided these 36 scents into 4 starter sets, each containing 9 carefully selected aromas. This further lowers the threshold for you to start selling Eco Soy Waxmelts and it makes it interesting for you to start using these products in your own salon. In addition to the ready-made starter sets with 9 scents, it is also possible to create your own starter set using a 9, 18 or 36-square melt box. Because scents are personal and vary with the season, we produce a number of scents as special orders in addition to our basic range.