What Are Eco Soy Waxmelts?

Eco Soy Waxmelts are the newest trend in fragrance diffusion.
Quite simply, aromatic oils packaged in natural soy.

What is Eco Soy?
Eco Soy is the purified and dried oil of the soy bean, grown completely free
of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. It is 100% plant based and completely biodegradable.
Positive Qualities of Eco Soy Compared to Traditional Paraffin Wax.
• 100% natural
• No toxic substances are released
• 100% biodegradable
• More even fragrance diffusion
• Melts at a lower temperature, eliminating smoke
• Washable, leaves no stains

Why Eco Soy Melts from the MeltCompany?
Waxmelts from MeltCompany are handmade with love. Proper conditions are continually maintained and checked to ensure a consistent high level of quality. And you can naturally enjoy Eco Soy Waxmelts as they burn for 8 to 10 full, honest pleasure-filled hours.